Holga Hands – Karolina Lewczuk

Prezentujemy cykl „Holga hands” Karoliny Lewczuk, której zdjęcia znalazły się w albumie „Pięć minut stąd”. 

Poniższe zdjęcia były wystawiane w Montrealu w galerii „papeterie nota bene” w 2012 roku.

O wystawie Karolina napisała: „była przez 3 tygodnie w Montrealu, w lipcu 2012, w galerii amatorskiej, ale fajnej, która promuje lokalnych artystów ..ja tam po prostu wysłałam kilka ulubionych fotek-lasce spodobał się mój styl i wybrała moje prace, po czym spotkałam się z nią i powiedziałam ze chce zrobić serie zatytułowana ‚holga hands’, wyjaśniłam koncept, pokazałam 2 fotki, i pomysł również jej się spodobał…pierwsza fotkę  którą sprzedałam to ta czerwona fota F*** You, pewnie dlatego, ze akurat w lecie 2012 w Montrealu były wielkie protesty studentów i jako znak jedności wszyscy przypinali sobie czerwone kwadraciki do plecaków  kurtek itd…no i ta fota to własnie takie fuck you do władz na czerwonym kwadratowym tle!” 

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Holga Hands
By: Karolina Lev

It is through the hand that the uniqueness of the human is expressed on multiple levels. First, there is the impact from the development of the thumb and the complex anatomy of the hand that evolutionarily perfected the human body giving us the opportunity to survive. Furthermore, there is the individuality, traceable through our fingerprints and the magic behind papillary lines that are believed to reveal our subconscious strength and foretell the future. The importance of the hand has been expressed since the stone-age as the subject matter of cave paintings and confirmed by the popularity of palm reading, which is found across all continents and cultures.
                       The hand itself can be seen as an extension of the soul, bringing to life what the mind thinks, manifesting thoughts and materializing feelings. The hand is a channel of every expression, ranging from simple gestures to the deepest creation. We greet, work, and love through our hands. To some, idiosyncrasy of the hands marks their future career paths; others memorize people by their hands, not faces. Photography, and actually our whole human culture are based on eye-hand coordination.

Holga is a 120mm film plastic toy camera that is rather easy to use, but allows a lot of experimentation. Holga is imperfect, unpredictable, and very subjective. The use of film with limited number of frames pushes me to re-think the composition, withholds from snapping multiple photos to capture the moment. There is only one perfect moment. Further, using Holga teaches to let go of that perfect shot, which can easily disappear on film due to a light leak. Photographing with Holga holds no guarantees; it usually surprises. It also involves anticipating the developed photographs and letting oneself submerge in the flood of memories they evoke.

                       In a highly digital world, shooting with a toy camera that gives imperfect results challenges the photographic expectations. However, Holga teaches to experiment and to be patient; it pushes to appreciate imperfections- to find beauty in them.


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